Help for signups

Signing up for things is done via this website by going to the Resources menu and clicking on Signups.

Log in

In order to sign up for something, you have to log in to the website so we know who you are and what you can sign up for. This is done by clicking on the ‘Log In’ button in the upper right corner. If that button says ‘Log Out’ then you are already logged in and can go ahead with the sign up.

Set your password

When you log in you enter your email address (the same one you sent us to start with) and your password. But the very first time you won’t have a password yet so you have to set that up. You do that by going here and entering your email address, then click ‘Get New Password’. This will send an email to you with instructions and a link to set up your password. If instead you get ‘ERROR: There is no user registered with that email address’ that means the email address you entered is not in our system. Email me to fix that.

Sign up

Once you have logged in with your email address and password you should be able to see the sign ups page here Find the thing you want to sign up for and click on it. On the page for that sign up find the appropriate time slot, day etc. and click ‘Sign up’. This will bring you to a page with your name and email already filled in. All you have to do is click ‘Sign me up!’ and that’s it. You should receive a confirming email in a minute or two. You will also receive a reminder email the day before the event.

Clear a sign up

If you want to cancel something you have signed up for, first make sure you are logged in (the button in the upper right should say ‘Log out’) then go to the main sign up page here and you should see a list of all of the things you have signed up for at the bottom. Click on ‘clear’ to clear the sign up.


Q) Can you just do it for me?

A) Well, my bathrooms need cleaning maybe we can work out a deal.

Q) Why do I need another freaking password? Why doesn’t my old password work?

A) We are not using any of the old sites (GoogleGroups, GooglePages) where you had set up passwords before. This will be the one place for everything so you only need this one. Except for TeamSnap. You may need that one too.

Q) I’m trying to sign up for a race practice and I don’t see those here.

A) Race practices are done on TeamSnap not here. See From The Coaches.

Q) Can I sign up someone else on their behalf?

A) You can, just change the name to whatever you want before you click ‘Sign me up!’

Q) So I saw Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines , is there anything I could do by accident that will cause human civilization to be overthrown by robot overlords?

A) The probability that you will initiate the robot rebellion on this site is fairly low. But if you do, remember that robots hate salt water.

Q) Who can sign up?

A) Only members in good standing (paid) can sign up for things. Only those who have had the small boat training can sign out the OC1 or OC2 (you won’t even see the sign ups for those if you have not).

Q) Please help me I’m lost!

A) That really wasn’t a question, but ok email me.