Priority in canoe(s) when odd # of paddlers signed up:

Odd # would be 7,8,9 (unless decide to run strong 4 in one canoe but based on who signs up), 13,14, 25+ (while we only have 4 canoes)
The following would be order of who first not to paddle or instructed to paddle OC1 (if instructed to go OC1, most cases: workout provided + focus + ride to one man) when odd # paddlers:
  • 1st:paddler no show from previously signed up practice from last 2 week period without contacting coach (just blatant no show)
  • 2nd:opposite sex paddler (example: Male attending women’s practice)
  • 3rd:paddler not signed up
  • 4th:paddler needing 1 man work (provided workout and what to focus on if OC1 available) 4th is in no way a punishment. When odd #’s, it is best opportunity to get paddler in 1 man- really helps paddler to get immediate feedback from their stroke and when OC1 time trial is coming up
  • 5th:paddler not racing in next (upcoming) race
  • 6th:paddler that has less # of their upcoming racing crew present vs another crew that does
  • This criteria is also subject to discretion of head coaches at any time, but in general, we will follow this list.
In the case of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, we may or may not provide assistance in setting up OC1 and workout for you.
In the case of 4th, 5th, and 6th, we will do our best to set you up with everything you will need, but it is not guaranteed.