Tracy’s 7 week OC1 workout

Three days a week. Column 1 is the speed/endurance workout, column 2 is speed, column 3 is LSD (long steady distance, not hallucinogens. But you will hallucinate if you do all these workouts right.). Try to do the speed workouts when you’re fresh.

Alter them upward or downward as you see fit.

Week Speed/Endurance Speed LSD Notes
1 5 x 7mins/2mins rest between @ tempo 30 min piece w/ one change at max every minute (alternate sides) 40 minutes steady paddle without rest @ 70% “tempo” means as hard as you can sustain for that length of time. Rest is complete stop
2 6 x 5mins/1min rest between @ tempo one change (~15 strokes) on, 2 changes off x 12 x 2 sets, 2 mins rest between 50 minutes without rest @ 70% 70% is a pace where you can talk but not in complete sentences
3 4 x 10mins/2mins rest 5 sets: 10 strokes on/50 off, 20 on/40 off, 30 on/30 off, 40 on/20 off, 50 on/10 off; rest 4 mins. 1 hour steady paddle @ 70% “on” means as hard as you can go, and “off” means normal rate/pressure
4 3×15 mins/2 mins rest 3x (12 x 1 min @max, 30 seconds off) 4mins rest 70 min steady paddle @ 70 percent
5 6 x 9 mins/1.5 mins rest one change on, 2 off x 12 – 3 sets, 2 mins rest in between 1.5 hour steady paddle pieces are tempo, that means as hard as you can sustain for the “on” time. the steady paddles are no rest, low exertion.
6 12×4 mins/1 min rest 12 x 30 seconds at max, with starts each time (2 mins rest) – 2 sets with 4 mins rest between 1.75 hour steady paddle
7 12 mins on/3 mins active rest – 4 sets 30 min piece w/ one side at max every minute – 2 sets with 4 mins rest in between 2 hour steady paddle

For extra challenge/strength workout, put a bungee or wrap your leash around the canoe, just in front of the foot pedals. Do a set or two with the bungee on when you’re fresh, and make the focus on your catch and power within your technique. when you take the bungee off, expand the focus to speed and glide.