Over 10 years ago, Matt Muirhead established an award for the Men’s Racing Program that enabled paddlers to recognize another paddler who demonstrated throughout the season qualities that perpetuated the Aloha and Ohana within the Men’s Racing Program.

These qualities helped to provide other paddlers with both support and drive to become better paddlers, better people themselves.

The award is referred to as:

Ka Pouhana – The Main Post

This refers to the person on whom others depend for leadership, guidance and help – the mainstay of the family or group. In every home, the ka pouhana is a symbol of integrity within a home. It is an extension of the foundation by which all is built upon.

Its visible symbol is a hand built koa paddle.

Qualities to look at:

  • Commitment to the team, shown on and off the water
  • Exemplary attitude on and off the water
  • Leadership
  • Time and thought given to the program
  • Strength as a paddler
  • Somebody who holds things together in many ways

In its simplest terms, a paddler that we all look up to.

Coaches are exempt from receiving the award.

Past Ka Pouhana Winners

  • 2007 – Dave Waynar
  • 2008 – Tony Francis
  • 2009 – Dave Loustalout
  • 2010 – Dave Dyc
  • 2011 – Tim Morley
  • 2012 – Bob Darling
  • 2013 – Nate MacBeth
  • 2014 – Rich VanDine
  • 2015 – Duane Strong
  • 2016 – Dan Czech
  • 2017 – Forrest Monroy