If you break something it is imperative that you report it immediately as it could cause harm to the next person using it. Even if you didn’t break it or just think it might be a problem please click here to email the equipment manager ASAP.

Canoe use order

To maintain our newer canoes in prime shape for racing the Board has established the following order for taking out canoes during off season (non-racing) programs where possible;

  1. Hoʻomaikai
  2. Bruddah Nappy
  3. Makani Akua
  4. Kananimauloa
  5. Lapa Uila
  6. Kaholo

Maka Nui can be used, but because of its heavy weight is often the last canoe we take out.

The unlimited canoes Mākua Kane Dave and  Kai Malama Keiki are only for race use and can only be used with permission from one of the race coaches.