Puakea Maintenance Notes


A few amas have come to us where the carbon system inside the ama that surrounds the screw that holds the iako into the ama is broken. The reason this happens is because the screw is not backed off the iako enough before trying to remove it from the ama when you unrig it. So just a little heads up on this, please make sure you are backing the screw out enough every time on the front and back of the ama. Do not try to force the iako out by twisting the iako back and forth in the ama to remove it. This will break the carbon system that surrounds the screw inside the ama due to too much force being put on the screw. It is impossible to fix this carbon system surrounding the screw. This should not be an issue in the future, but as far as maintaining your current ama(s) this is an important thing to educate your paddlers on. From this point on, the factory will not consider this under warranty, as it is something that can be prevented by using the system correctly. We are aware it is not the best system and are removing it from the new system you will find coming on new canoes starting in September.

Also these screws just need to be snug when you tighten them down during rigging. Do not try to tighten so much that you strip the screw or the cone the screw goes into. Also do not tighten down hard when the iako is not in ama. If tightened too far it will break carbon system around screw due to too much load being put on the screw. Like I said this should not be a problem with future canoes, but just a heads up for for general maintenance.

Ama Screw (larger screw): 8mm stainless screw can be bought at Ace. We also have some in stock in CA.

In the future: We do have a new ama coming out! It will be available in CA for clubs to view in July. It will have a new rig system that can be used with existing iako with a few small modifications. All new canoes that will be coming in the September 2017 container will have the new ama on it. Canoes coming in June will have existing ama on it.


For new canoes with the pumps installed at the factory: The pumps must be placed in their plastic holders facing the right direction. There is a front and back. The base is plastic so they can break like all plastic clips can so please make sure you are installing the pump in the holder facing the right direction and do not try to force it. You can get replacement parts for these pumps at West Marine or Walmart. I will have more info on pumps shortly.

At full charge, the pump has the following output:

  • Not under any load – 8 hours (pumping air)
  • Under full load – 1.5 hours (pump fully submerged in water)

The pump is not typically under full load and should be turned off when it is not under any load. Pump should last about 3-4 hours. We suggest that you do not run it the whole race, switch on and off as needed and it should last the whole day of racing.

The factory is working on improving this system in the next generations. We have sent them a lot of the feedback you have given us.


We know they are difficult to put on, but please be patient with them. It does get better with practice and we are continually trying to make the skirt system better. The skirts should not just be pulled on. It is a push pull system and should be done with at least two people. One at the entry point of track guiding and pushing skirt through while other person is pulling (not forcing) the skirt around track. We will have a video from Ozone out on this soon!

If you have cracking happening on your cockpits, please have them fixed. Any carbon cracking or splintering may rip the canvas of the skirts. If you wish to make sure your tracks are as clear as possible simply take 400 grit sand paper and run it along inside of track a few times. Do not do too much as you do not want to expose the carbon.

We suggest not having skirts on canoes when towing. Please remove them before towing for best care. Any damage on skirts that are seen on canoes while towing will not be covered by warranty.

If you have damage to your skirts there are a few things that can help eliminate this in future:

  • Repair any carbon cracks on cockpits, gunnels or track. These will rip skirts. Please repair cracks before placing skirts back on.
  • Repairs made to skirts that are too thick for track will result in the track cracking due to stress. We suggest not doing this. If you have major damage to skirts within the first year, please send me photos and I can look at getting them covered under warranty. This is the factory’s decision on a case-by-case basis but they’re very receptive to it, it does not hurt to try.
  • These skirts are not meant to last the lifetime of the canoe…they are going to receive the most wear and tear, so we would suggest replacing them every few seasons. You can order replacements through your dealer for $400 USD.
  • Neoprene breaks down in the sun and if it is not rinsed with fresh water, so please make sure your skirts are rinsed after each use and stored in a breathable bag once they are dry and are not in use. If you keep them on your canoe, make sure your canoe is covered so the sun is not hitting the skirts.

We are not responsible for lost or stolen skirts. We are happy to help you replace them if this unfortunate event occurs.

Skirt Zippers

Replacing zippers, if needed:
At top of zipper where it hits your chest there is a small clip that terminates the zipper. You can remove a zipper car or add a zipper car from there. Screw or pocket knife (clip not strong) will release clips and then zipper can go off the track. Then you can add the new zipper to track and squeeze the clip tight to keep new zipper on.

Zippers are YKK so you can buy them at fabric stores. You can also look up how to replace a zipper car on YouTube, the factory said there are a lot of videos on there about how to do this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sj4Tn1WiyVA


These need to constantly be cleaned and washed with water. If sand gets caught in the tracks it does make them hard to move back and forth. The hardware for these can be purchased through your dealer if you need replacement parts. The cam lock system does not need to be turned more then a half or one turn to loosen enough to move the track. Twisting multiple times will result in the cam lock coming off and possibly losing pieces. We are not responsible for lost pieces. These can come loose during transport, please make sure to tighten before transporting.

Cam Lock Levers

Yes, these levers are not stainless so they do corrode. We have replacements available you can order through your dealer and we are working on making a durable plastic one for the future. The factory has not been able to source an affordable stainless steel lever, but it is something we are always looking for.


The hardware for the iako is something you can purchase from your dealer if you need replacements. Like footbrace hardware, the cam lock system only needs half a turn or one full turn to release the iako from the canoe. Twisting multiple times will result in the cam lock coming off and possibly losing pieces. We are not responsible for lost pieces. These can come loose during transport, please make sure to tighten before transporting.


The canoes are painted with industrial grade paint similar to Emron. A clear coat is sprayed over it for protection. Paint is something dealers can only get in containers, but it is something they can order from the factory if this is something you would like to have on hand.

The paint on the inside is now a standard primer from a PPG supplier that can be brushed on the inside of the canoe if there is wear in certain areas.

Parts you can order through your dealer:

  • Iako hardware
  • Footbrace hardware
  • Manu drain plugs
  • Seat 6 scratch guard
  • Plastic battens for new skirts
  • Pump kits
  • Pump tube clips and brackets
  • Ama screw
  • Spray skirts
  • Beach cover
  • Ama drain plugs
  • Footbrace
  • Iako
  • Ama