Please remove radios from dry bags and place into drying basket when returning them to the shed.

Channel 9 is used for radio checks and establishing communications.

Channel 16 is used for emergencies.

The following channels can be used for general communications.

68,  69,  71,  72,  78

All other channels are reserved.

All radios have a red button that when pushed will switch between channels 9 and 16.

“I have my cell phone that should be enough right?” Wrong! See this.

Here is an excellent article on Calli Paddler about radios. This dude knows what he’s talking about!

Radio Check

On channel 9 – “Harbor patrol, harbor patrol this is Outrigger Santa Cruz requesting a radio check”, repeat if no response. When you hear “loud and clear” from the harbor patrol, acknowledge with “thank you” and “one more” if you are doing more than one radio check.


The charging station is in the shed near the power outlet. It has charge bases for all the types of radios we have. Place the radio in the base (for the white Unidens you need to open the rear plug and insert the charger cable) and turn on the power strip. The power in the shed only comes on at night when the parking lot lights come on.

DSC Radios

DSC allows the radio to transfer information digitally, not just by voice, and to instantly send a digital distress alert to the Coast Guard that includes your GPS position. Part of that alert is a nine-digit Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) number that identifies your boat.


DSC can also be used to ‘page’ another radio and have it switch to a requested voice channel. Your radio will ring just like a cell phone and when you answer it will switch to the voice channel the caller is on.

DSC can also be used to poll the GPS position of another radio automatically.

DSC can also be used to send your GPS position to another radio.

We have five GPS/DSC capable radios. The MMSI numbers are;

OSC1 – 338193894

OSC2 – 338193895

OSC3 – 338234769

OSC4 – 338234771

OSC5 – 338233805

We are using a group number of 033819389