New for 2015: Electronic Waivers!
Please fill out your waiver here:
If you are not a racing paddler ignore the NCOCA ID field.
Also required before paddling, please read the code of conduct and print and sign the addendum.
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Welcome to Outrigger Santa Cruz

Paddle with us

Outrigger canoe paddling is the fun and social way to get fit on the Monterey Bay. Experience teamwork, nature, adventure, and competition in diverse programs for family, recreation, fitness, and racing. Paddle with your family: children, parents, and grandparents paddle together in Outrigger Santa Cruz. Paddle with your friends. It takes six people pulling together to move a canoe. Never paddled before? We’ll show you how!

We have year-long programs for teenagers and summer programs for keiki (children). We paddle in the safety of the Santa Cruz Small Boat Harbor when appropriate, and -- weather, conditions, and crew abilities permitting -- we paddle in the Monterey Bay, where ocean conditions are varied, challenging, and beautiful.

Experience nature

Enjoy the beauty of the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary from the hull of an outrigger canoe. Join us for tranquil sunset paddles and vigorous morning exertions. Newcomers of all physical abilities and cultural backgrounds are welcome to join our recreational paddling programs.

Race and compete

Join our novice, men’s, women’s, or children’s race programs and compete in local and international races up and down the California coast as well as the east coast, Hawaii, and beyond. Our competitive paddlers practice 2 or 3 times per week and cross-train vigorously.

Monterey Bay Crossing


Our club sponsors the Monterey Bay Crossing, a 25-mile race from Santa Cruz to Monterey, in the fall of each year.

Stay informed

Keep abreast of club news by subscribing to our Google Group. For questions, you can send us an email message and we will get back to you.

We used to be called Akau Hana

But we’ve changed our name. Learn more about the history of our club.