Holopuni sailing canoe

Outrigger sailing history

Outrigger canoes have sailed the Pacific for well over 4000 years, and it was sailing canoes that made possible the discovery and settlement of the Pacific Islands, including Tahiti and Hawaii. There is currently a canoe sailing revival happening around the Hawaiian Islands, with crews racing across channels in the Hawaiian Sailing Association (HCSA).

Our club's sailing canoe, Wai Uli

Outrigger Santa Cruz features an outrigger canoe sailing program available to all club members, no experience necessary. If you would like to sail on the canoe, learn to crew or skipper, or would like to become certified to skipper the canoe, please talk to one of our skippers. Mention the level at which you would like to participate, along with your sailing experience, and contact information. Skippers and crew are actively sailing in spring, summer and fall.