Get Involved

To learn more about our current activities check our events calendar and join our Facebook page. For questions, please contact us.

After your free introductory paddle, you are welcome to join us for additional outings for $20/session drop in fee.

If you find that you are paddling with us frequently, please consider paying annual dues for unlimited access to club equipment and coaching resources. You will be added to our members email list for updates and announcements.

To join or to update membership contact information, fill out our membership form.

Yearly Membership Dues

Adult recreational paddlers: $140.00
Adult racing paddlers: $200.00
College recreational paddlers: $75.00
College racing paddlers: $100
Child/young adult recreational or racing (6 to 18-year old):  $75.00
Senior (65+ years old) recreational: $110.00
Senior (65+ years old) racing: $125.00
Membership fees are due January 1 or when a member starts paddling for that season. If a person joins Outrigger Santa Cruz later in the season, then the yearly membership fees are prorated as follows:

August 1: 75% of yearly member rate
September 1: 50% of yearly member rate
October 1 – December 31: Full price includes membership for the following year

“Supporting” Membership Level

For those who are able, please consider the “supporting” membership level. Your additional contribution helps with the purchase of additional equipment and provides additional support for our programs. You will receive a receipt for a tax-deductible contribution for the additional contribution of this category. As a token of our appreciation, you will also receive an  “Outrigger Santa Cruz – Supporting Member” decal to acknowledge your support and you name will be listed on our website as a sponsoring member.

Adult “supporting” recreational paddlers: $175.00
Adult “supporting” racing paddlers: $250.00
Senior “supporting” recreational or racing: $130.00