Steering Re-certification/Certification Lecture/Meeting #1

Date: December 8, 2017
Time: 6:00 pm  to  7:30 pm



A four month course comprised of lectures and logged hours within an OC6 designed for the novice, intermediate and experienced paddler for the purpose of becoming a certified OSC steersperson. This study will encompass responsibility, technique, safety, water knowledge, racing strategy, equipment and developing experience in a variety of ocean conditions. Evaluations will be conducted awarding the student with a level rating of steering certification within Outrigger Santa Cruz.

Lectures: In house attendance preferred although the lecture may be Skype audio and/or may be videoed for someone out of town. One weeknight evening lecture per month in the harbor room, starting Friday, 12/8/17 at 6:00pm.

Text and Resources: Outrigger Canoeing, The Art and Skill of Steering by Steve West; Kanu Culture Publications to be brought to each lecture; purchase is mandatory; purchase through Amazon Smile to support OSC or an alternative will be OSC/Matt M. purchase in bulk directly from author, Steve West. Quantity to be ordered will need to be determined through registration process. Duane has a few other resources that we may obtain including a Steersperson’s Study Guide.

Equipment: the Club has a few steering blades to use for individuals to practice. Each student will be expected to purchase appropriate personal steering blade through group order placed after 1st class if they do not already own one.

Course Fee: $25.00 OSC member; $45.00 non-member; pre-register through Paypal by November 22, 2017.

Logbook: Students will keep a diary of their steering experiences noting date, amount of time on water in seat 6, crew, water and weather conditions, challenges encountered, questions for advisors. To be reviewed with adviser at least 1x/month in personal conversation and in group settings during class tor water times.

OC6 Steering Time: There will be opportunity to practice steering skills as a group each weekend. Day and time to be determined amongst student body and availability of advisers. Currently 2 canoes are reserved on Saturday’s at 8:45am. The crews will be comprised of those students enrolled in the class to support the skills involved in steering. Additional time may be logged by steering other OSC crews ie: Recreational paddling, the Pirates, the Mom’s, or Fitness. Another option is for anyone to reserve a canoe through OSC website or contacting for the time of their choosing.

Certification: Based upon demonstration of steering and safety skills in a variety of weather and water conditions, review of logbooks and mentor’s comments. Evaluation and level of certification will be determined by Head Coaches, Matt M. and Dave W.. Certifications will be posted onto the OSC website for public viewing.